Video #3: Myths and Misconceptions about Inclusive Education

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Julie Causton, Ph.D.

I'm Dr. Julie Causton, and I've spent my entire career becoming a leader in the field of Inclusive Education. I'm an Associate Professor at ...

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Syracuse University in the Inclusive and Special Education Program, I also provide educational consulting to school districts all over the United States on best practices for inclusive classrooms, and I serve as an independent Expert Witness in due process hearings. I have several books and publications out on inclusive education, and I'm a sought out speaker. What should matter to you the most, however, is that I'm the parent of a child with a disability, and I'm passionate about bringing inclusive classrooms to our children.

I know that inclusive classrooms provide the best education to ALL children, and I've started Inspire Inclusion to empower you to advocate for the kind of classroom experience you desire for your child.

Skype/Phone Consultation

Schedule an individual phone or Skype consultation with me, Dr. Julie Causton. Whether you are interested in preparing for an upcoming IEP meeting and you would like me to review the IEP, or if you have questions about how to strategize in order to more effectively advocate for your child’s inclusion—I am happy to talk with you!

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"I have attended several of Julie's classes, they are nothing short of life changing!"

"If Julie did not work with my family, my son would still be stuck in that 8:1:1 segregated special education classroom at the end of the hall. Now he is a part of a general education classroom— he is truly a part of the school community! He eats lunch with his typical peers, works with his classmates, and he now goes on playdates!! The best change of all is the change in him. He feels SO much better about himself! It was the best educational decision our family has made."
"I left her class feeling empowered, inspired and ready to actively advocate for inclusion. I finally knew the law, my rights and had so many tools and resources. I use those class materials every year when preparing for Jack's IEP meeting."

"We hired Julie as an expert in our due process hearing. She was the reason we were successful during the trial. We wanted our daughter included in 7th grade classes. The district wanted her to go to life skills classes. Julie articulately argued for membership in general education."