You Don’t Have to be Powerless in your IEP Meeting

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Dear Parent,

Julie Causton
I’m Julie Causton. As a Professor at Syracuse University in the Inclusive and Special Education Program, an educational consultant to school districts all over the United States and Canada, and a former special education teacher, I’ve spent my career becoming a leader in the field of Inclusive Education.

I’m passionate about bringing inclusive classrooms to ALL of our children.

Inclusive classrooms provide the best educational opportunities, and I’m here to empower you to advocate for inclusive classroom experiences.

Sometimes I serve as an independent Expert Witness in due process hearings – representing parents who’s children’s rights to an Inclusive Education have been violated. We’ve won 100% of the cases I’ve been involved in, because inclusive classrooms aren’t just good ideas – they don’t just provide the best experiences – they meet the spirit of the federal law.

Yet, I know it can be a challenge to actually make this happen in reality – teachers work really hard – you as a parent are busy parenting – and it seems like no one is really ensuring your child gets an Inclusive Education.

You have your annual IEP meeting, and you do the best you can – sometimes preparing a lot, and sometimes just showing up – as a parent of a child with a disability myself, trust me, I understand.

That’s the exact reason I’ve created the Inspired Advocate Program.  I am making it easier for you to properly advocate for the kind of experience you want for your child!  I’m bringing you the information you need, making it easily accessible and sharing with you what’s already worked! You don’t have to start from scratch. This program has all the best practices that I’ve developed from the literally hundreds of IEP meetings I’ve been involved in.

You Deserve A Painless and Effective IEP Meeting

The annual IEP meeting is the most important opportunity you have to advocate for your child’s educational experience. I know what it takes to have these meetings be effective, and this program allows you to prepare systematically, spending less time and producing better results.

Knowledge is Power

In Inspired Advocate, I’m providing you with the research – not just the text, but what that research means, to you, your student, and your school district – as well as how you can best use this information to advocate for your child and empower yourself. You’ll be able to take the backed up, validated information right into your IEP meetings and share it with your entire team.

And, the research shows that all students perform better academically, socially, and behaviorally in inclusive settings – those with disabilities and their general education peers. That’s a WIN for everyone involved!

Inclusion isn’t a practice that schools can choose to adopt or reject

Since inclusion isn’t a choice – even though you might be led to believe it is at times – the Inspired Advocate Program really empowers you to advocate for what you desire, and what’s legally yours.

I’ve empowered parents for years to achieve Inclusive Education for their child, let me do the same for you and I know we can succeed together.

Become an Inspired Advocate today.

The Inspired Advocate Program

These Seven videos deliver my very best knowledge and expertise of all things Inclusion and deliver it to YOU in an EASY to access, easy to digest way, that also gives you REAL POWER as you confront the issues that we have to address daily inside the school systems. With this course, you will:
  • No longer be alone when advocating for your child
  • Enter your IEP meeting with the Confidence that comes from knowledge and support
  • Know, and be able to clearly articulate, your desired outcomes in ways that the school system can understand, and that are supported by the law
  • Have, at your fingertips, the key relevant resources that support inclusion
  • Know the Best Practices that are being used by others to succeed in achieving their desired outcomes
  • Be inspired by the examples of those who have successfully advocated for inclusion
  • Learn to “speak the language” of the system
  • Go from an outsider during your IEP meeting, to the true advocate and change-agent that you are
Having a child with disabilities is awesome and wonderful, and sometimes difficult, and having to navigate the school system and advocate for your child makes it that much harder. The Inspired Advocate Program can ease that process for you.

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$1,000 Value

This series is valued at $1,000, but we are offering it to you for $149. Our hope is that at this price more parents will be able to access this important information and make inclusion a reality for all!

When You Choose The Inspired Advocate Program, You Are Getting More Than Just a Course

The Inspired Advocate Program is your invitation to join me and an entire community of parents all committed to the opportunity of Inclusive Education. You’ll get access to a Private Membership Site, where you can:
  • Access a new video lesson delivered each week for 7 weeks
  • Download the Support Tools and Guides for your use as well as to provide to your school staff
  • Interact with other parents dealing with similar issues to share your experiences, share what’s working, and get inspired by each other
The lessons will include:
  • My process for creating a vision for your student and family, as well as how to share this in a way that makes a difference to your IEP meeting.
  • My guide to organizing and structuring an effective IEP meeting.
  • Tools and supports to empower you to assist your school in supporting your student academically
  • Tools, structures, and guides for how to work as a team with your school staff
  • Important information and guidance about how to support your student with behavioral issues
  • What to do if you disagree with the school and when to know if legal action is appropriate
  • Where to find resource, guidance and support that will assist you for years to come – long after this course is over


I’ve also included some bonuses that are as valuable as the course material itself.

Bonus #1: Inspirations of Success

Nearly each class you will also get inspiring success stories, and examples of what’s worked. You aren’t just getting information that empowers you, I’m committed that you are inspired to fulfill the dreams you have for your child.

Bonus #2: Extended Resource Guides

Not only do I provide the best of what I’ve created, but I point you in the direction of the best of everything Inclusion. I’m on the cutting edge of what’s new and I will be keeping you up to date as new and valuable resources become available.

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Will It Work For You?

If you haven’t decided to join me in the Inspired Advocate Program by now, you must have a question in your mind.

You may be thinking that this is just too difficult, or you are concerned that you might even upset your school, and the last thing you want is to make anything worse for your child.

Actually, this is the information that your school district wants. They don’t have access to this in this consolidated and easy to digest form, and they will be HAPPY to receive what you are offering. I work with schools too, and they want what’s best for your child also, and with the resources, information and support that I’m offering you here, together, you and your school staff can create in reality the inclusive classroom you both desire.

Maybe you are thinking you know all of this and there can’t be anything new here for you. I don’t know you, and it could be true – and you may actually know everything I have included in the course. I doubt it, because school districts pay me every year to come and educate them and their staff, and hundreds of parents come to my live classes report that they can’t believe the value and what they’ve learned.

Even still, having on-going and easy access to this much knowledge, information and resources at your fingertips is sure to save you time and effort.

Maybe your concern is that your child is in transition – from elementary to middle school, or middle school to high school — or maybe your district is pushing for a more restrictive setting for your child and your confused about your options. All of these are valid reasons you might question your advocacy role, and they are all addressed in the Inspired Advocate Program.

Maybe you’ve been told – when your child learns to read, then we will include them, when your child learns to behave, then we will include them, and you think you just need to wait it out. Well – it doesn’t work that way, and this program can show you how to have your child included now, if that is your desire.

Maybe you aren’t concerned with full inclusion, and just want less daily classroom transition for your child in and out of therapies – whatever model of inclusive education you desire, this class is designed to empower you to advocate for that educational setting. You have the power, the law, the research, and me on your side!

It is really YOU – parents of children with disabilities, who are the trailblazers – the change agents- the ones making the difference and paving the way for our children to experience the incredibly powerful education that comes from an inclusive classroom. Let me support and empower you, like I’ve supported and empowered so many other parents before. I know we can do this together!

To join me now, just click on the payment option that suits you, and I look forward to seeing you in class!

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“Julie gave me so many tools to help me to advocate. We used to go into my daughter’s IEP meeting thinking they would just tell us the plan for the year… I would listen and leave. Now we participate in the meetings, I am not afraid to ask for what [my daughter] deserves. Her life has dramatically changed…for the better in school and out!! Thank God.”

“Julie helped me to think through what we all REALLY wanted for Matt. She took us through a process where we outlined our dreams and goals… She helped us think beyond a sheltered workshop… much beyond… she got us thinking college! I was dubious… I never thought college…And guess what? This year is his second year at the University. Matt has never been happier- and we are so proud!”

“My son has behavioral challenges… the ideas and strategies she suggested dramatically changed not only his behavior, but our relationship! Bravo Julie! Who knew that including him MORE was what he needed?! And we threw away the sticker charts… we now focus on love and connection/ not punishments and rewards. WHAT A CHANGE!”

“I had been told my child needed a distraction free environment- and I believed it. Julie was an expert on our team and helped me to see that the special education classroom was VERY distracting. The general education classroom turned out to be the best place for him to learn. He made gains in reading, math and social skills that we never expected.”

“My son was non-verbal. She introduced us to a new method of communication—facilitatedcommunication. He now types to communicate. He used to be segregated in a classroom away from peers… now he is a full time and active member of his 5th grade classroom! He still has autism… But now everyone (sadly including me) sees him as brilliant! We honestly didn’t know that before. I cannot put into words what that has done for him and for us.”

“She worked with our school team. They learned SO much from her. At first, they kind of looked at her with arms crossed… then they realized her knowledge of special education is unmatched! They now love when she comes and problem solves with them!”

“The chair of the IEP meeting said, “We have reached a standstill…” She looked at us and said, “Unless you have any ideas, I don’t think we can make this happen this year.” I got out that list that Julie gave us and said… “I do have several ideas about how to make this happen.” At first you could have heard a pin drop, and then the team rolled up their sleeves and began to brainstorm… using the list. It became a question of HOW, not IF. And once we passed IF… With the right resources the teachers had no trouble with the how. Thank you for these resources!”

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