Articles written by Dr. Julie Causton

Inclusive Reform & Leadership

Creating Inclusive Schools for ALL Students

Leading Inclusive Reform for Students With Disabilities: A School and Systemwide Approach

Inclusive Schooling Making legal U-turns from outdated principles and practices to better serve students with disabilities

Oppressors or Emancipators: Critical Dispositions for Preparing Inclusive School Leaders

Schools of Promise: A school District-University partnership centered on inclusive school reform

Inclusive Leadership & Disability

How Do Schools Become Effective and Inclusive?

When All Really Means All: Schools of Promise, School Reform, and Innovative Professional Development

Strategies for Success: Creating Inclusive Classrooms that Work

Inclusive Lesson Design

Teaching Pre-Service Teachers to Design Inclusive Instruction: a Lesson Planning Template

Preparing pre-service teachers for inclusive classrooms: revising lesson-planning expectations

Differentiation through Choice: Using a Think-Tac-Toe for Science Content

Parent Advocacy

‘It should be teamwork’: a critical investigation of school practices and parent advocacy in special education

Achieving Inclusion: What Every Parent Should Know When Advocating For Their Child

Research about Inclusion

Does Self-Contained Special Education Deliver on Its Promises? A Critical Inquiry Into Research and Practice

Economic and Demographic Predictors of Inclusive Education

Does Access Matter? Time in General Education and Achievement for Students With Disabilities

The Power of the Inclusive Camp Experience


Increasing Peer Interactions for Students with Behavioral Disorders via Paraprofessional Training

Beyond Treats & Timeouts: Humanistic Behavior Supports in the Inclusive Classroom

Challenging control: inclusive teachers’ and teaching assistants’ discourse on students with challenging behavior

Increasing Peer Interactions for Students with Severe Disabilities via Paraprofessional Training


Disqualified in the human race: a close reading of the autobiographies of individuals identified as autistic

Islands of Loneliness: Exploring Social Interaction Through the Autobiographies of Individuals With Autism

Transition & Postsecondary Education

“Moving quietly through the door of opportunity”: Perspectives of College Students who Type to Communicate

Relentless Optimism: Inclusive Postsecondary Opportunities for Students with Significant Disabilities

Presumption of Incompetence: the Systematic Assignment of Guardianship Within the Transition Process

Related Services

Everybody has the Right to Be Here: Perspectives of Inclusive Related Service Practitioners


The Golden Rule of Providing Support in Inclusive Classrooms: Support Others as You Would Wish to Be Supported

Building Bridges: Strategies to Help Paraprofessionals Promote Peer Interaction

Creating Effective Paraprofessional Support in the Inclusive Art Classroom

Paraprofessionals: Gatekeepers of Authentic Art Production

Paraprofessionals: The “Sous-Chefs” of Literacy Instruction

Boy in the Bubble: Effects of Paraprofessional Proximity and Other Pedagogical Decisions on the Interactions of a Student With Behavioral Disorders