Welcome! I am Dr. Julie Causton.

I envision a world where any question of school inclusion is answered with a resounding, of course! A world where schools and families work together to joyfully, creatively and skillfully support children in inclusive settings. I want to make inclusion a reality for your school or your child. I can provide you with the skills, tools and inspiration that you can immediately use to create and maintain inclusive schools. Whether you are an educator, administrator or parent of a child with a disability, I want to work with you to improve our schools for all! We can do this together, but first I think it’s important for you to know a little about my inclusive work… A former elementary, middle and high school special education teacher, I now work as a full-time professor at Syracuse University, where I direct the Inclusive Education Program. julie-class-1024x685 As a leader in inclusive school reform, I’ve helped districts to eliminate self-contained classrooms and re-conceptualize service delivery models. I’ve worked with teachers to create differentiated content that is engaging and accessible, and I’ve helped individual school teams design curriculum and content to allow students to reach their full academic and social potential. class-1024x682 I offer professional development on inclusion, differentiation, collaboration and supporting students with challenging behavior. I aim to create engaging and dynamic presentations that demonstrate my lived commitment to inclusion — focusing on responsive and meaningful ways to educate all children together. This includes children with autism, challenging behavior, or any disability label within the context of general education.  

Can you also work with me in person?

Yes! If you want to schedule a professional development session with me click here or email me at drjulie@inspireinclusion.com. I handle everything from small groups to entire school districts. If you are a parent, please email me drjulie@inspireinclusion.com for information that you can send directly to your school administrator (either special education director or principal). Together we can make inclusion a reality in all schools!  

What I’m passionate about…

Teaching in inclusive schools allowed me to see firsthand the amazing benefits of inclusive schooling — children with and without disabilities growing and learning together and fulfilling their academic and social potential. This piqued my curiosity — if inclusive education was so wonderful, why wasn’t everyone including students? Why was special education continuing to reify segregation? I went back to school, got my masters and Ph.D. so I could study these issues in depth. Now as a scholar, all of my research and writing focuses on best practices in inclusive education. My areas of expertise are school reform, inclusive teacher training, collaboration, humanistic behavioral supports, lesson planning and providing invisible adult supports. I’ve published articles in such journals as Exceptional Children, Teaching Exceptional Children, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Behavioral Disorders, Studies in Art Education, and Equity and Excellence in Education. I have also written a series of helpful “Handbooks of Inclusive Education,” that are specifically tailored to help change agents in schools, like paraprofessionals, principals, occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists create and maintaining amazing inclusive schools. Check them out over here, if you haven’t yet!  

The Inspire Inclusion Team

Our team is committed to providing you with the resources to make inclusive schools a reality! Here’s Kate, our newest team member! Kate is a high school special educator pursuing her doctorate in inclusive special education at Syracuse University. Her research interests are inclusive best practices and technology in the classroom. Here at Dr. Julie’s Inspire Inclusion Kate is able to combine those interests and works as writer, communications expert and web-based marketing strategist.
Our Inspire Inclusion team cares so much about this inclusive work, we even have a blast getting it all done!